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Photograph Submission to 4x4Wire

The OutdoorWire, Inc (4x4Wire) welcomes the submission of your material for display in our family of publications. There are some submission guidelines which apply to all of the OutdoorWire publications and, in addition, each gallery section may have its own submission guidelines and requirements specific to the needs of that gallery. Please read all of the guidelines and requirements carefully (especially the legal stuff) before making a submission.

Trail Shots & Tough Spots Galleries:

* Be sure that you read and understand the general submission guidelines below.
* All photographs should be action oriented trail photographs of high quality and suitable for publication.
* In general we will decline to publish photographs which knowingly depict illegal actions, or actions promoting inherently environmentally damaging activities.
* Material is published solely at the discreption of the editors of OutdoorWire as information and news, and as information and news, we do not necessarily endorse or encourage any of the activities that may be depicted in the images (in other words - "kids, don't try this at home").
* Submit material via e-mail to: [email protected] .

Scenic Photography
We welcome your submission of scenic outdoor photography in our Destinations Section.
.Specific Guidelines for the Destinations Gallery:

* Be sure that you read and understand the general submission guidelines below.
* In general, as a scenic photography gallery, the Destinations section of OutdoorWire requires higher quality photographs than other gallery sections.
* All photographs should be 800x600 pixels or larger and uncompressed.
* All photographs must include the name of the photographer and contact information for the submittor
* Professional photographers may submit material and have a link to their website or contact information listed.
* Submit material via e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

General Submission Guidelines for OutdoorWire:

* All photographs or pictures should be submitted in electronic format. The preferred format for photographs is .JPG (or .JPEG), saved at high quality with no compression - the use of any other format will cause delays in the processing of your submission and may be cause for us not to publish your submission. Other much less desirable but acceptable formats are .GIF, .BMP & .TIF (.TIFF). If you do not have access to a personal scanner, many places that make copies or process photographs can scan your photographs for you.
* In general all photographs should be at least 640x480 (or 480x640) pixels or larger in size (if possible), however the file size for each photograph submitted should not exceed 1 MB (1000kb).
* Submissions should be made via E-mail to the indicated e-mail address for the gallery (some galleries may also provide forms for this).
* The files should be included in the E-mail as attachments.
* Do NOT "zip" or otherwise compress, package, or encode your submissions. If you are submitting from an AOL account, please submit one file at a time to avoid the automatic "zip" by AOL's mailer.
* All photographs should include the date the photograph was taken, the location the photograph was taken, details on the subject of the photograph and the phone number and address of the submittor (for our internal use only).
* All photographs must include the photographer's name and a valid e-mail address.
* OutdoorWire will display a photographers credit either in the caption of the photograph or in the HTML "alt tag" of the photograph unless you request that OutdoorWire not do this. This credit typically only includes the photographer's, or in the case of commercial submissions, the company name.

Legal Requirements & Disclaimers
* By submitting your material to the OutdoorWire, Inc and/or any of its family of publications including, but not limited to,,,, you grant OutdoorWire a non-exclusive license to display that material in any of our publications and in any collateral or promotional publications for a period of not less than 5 years without specific financial compensation.
* By submitting any material to OutdoorWire you guarantee and warrant to OutdoorWire that you are the original author of the material, own the material and/or the copyrights in the material and/or possess sufficient rights in the material to grant OutdoorWire the above license.
* By submitting your material to OutdoorWire you guarantee and warrant to OutdoorWire that the material does not contain false and/or defamatory content.
* By submitting any material you agree to defend and hold harmless OutdoorWire in any action arising from our display of any such material that you submit.
* You grant to OutdoorWire the right to edit and/or modify your material in any manner necessary in order to have the material comply with our formatting or publication needs including the generation of cropped or thumbnail images.
* OutdoorWire does not guarantee, warrant, or imply in any manner that any material submitted will be displayed or published in any of our publications or the term or duration that any material may be displayed or published.
* In general submissions are not returned to the submitter.
* If you do not agree with all of these legal terms, please do not submit your material. You may also contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more specific information, or to negotiate special terms for specific submissions.

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