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What's in your tool box?

ClampTite Tool

The ClampTite Tool provides a means for tightening wires wrapped around an object and then locking it in place.  The tool can be used with various wire sizes, which eliminates space and strength issues often encountered with conventional hose clamps.

Just under 6 inches in length, the ClampTite tool is compact and easy to store. It is a versatile tool for quick and effective emergency leak repairs or a bullet-proof means for securing nearly any material from rubber hoses to spliced wires.

The standard ClampTite can use various sizes of wire, from .032 for small hoses to .062 for 3-6” diameter pipes.  Need a larger size?  There is a medium size for wire up to .125 or a large size for wire up to .25.  The ClampTite tool is designed to work with any solid core wire, not stranded or loose wire.  Stainless steel wire is preferred.

See more about the ClampTite Tool at: http://www.clamptitetools.com

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John Stewart

New Mechanic's Stool From TailBone

New, Radically Different Mechanic’s Stool Design!

Kent, OH—Dale Adams Enterprises, the manufacturer of the famous BONETM line of creepers has introduced The TailBoneTM, a mechanic’s stool that is different by design, and the company claims, a huge improvement over the common rolling seats that are the norm in shops all over the world!

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John Stewart

Welding Rod Numbers Decoded

This can be easily decoded.  Note:  A welding rod that does not have an "E" on it is classified as oxy-fuel welding rod; not for use with a "stick" or arc welder.

"E" stands for "Electrode"

The first two digits (or first 3 if it's a 5-digit number) are an abbreviation of the weld's strength. To determine the strength of the weld, take the 2 digits, in this case 60, and multiply by 1000 to get the weld strength in PSI.

So, if you had welded two plates together, with the weld covering one square inch (or even 1/4" x 4", that's still one square inch) that weld could take 60,000 pounds of pulling force.

Typical vales are 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110.

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John Stewart

On the go power

Genius Boost ProUPS stopped by today with a package.  While it wasn’t a load of fireworks, it was a compact lithium-ion battery charger, not the traditional jump starter booster pack. Filled with connections, it provide portable 12-volts, USB port for mobile devices, a 500 lumen LED flashlight and up to 80 jump starts on a single charge.  The jump charge includes up to 10.0 liter gas or diesel engine.

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John Stewart

Thread cleaning made easy

Walking the aisles at the SEMA Show you are exposed to a plethora of products for the automotive world.  Often there are new innovative speciality tools that cause you to stop for a closer look. The Thread Wizard is one such tool.  Who hasn’t struggled with cleaning bolts during a project?  I have used a variety of methods, wire brush, grinding wheel brush, solvent, ultrasonic, and standard threading die.

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