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On-Line Search Tool for Aftermarket Auto Parts

Car enthusiasts and novices alike can now find exactly the part they want with AutoPartsGOGO.com's new browsing service that allows the user to search in one of three areas: Premium, Popular, and Economy automotive parts.

Gardena, CA (PRWEB) July 7, 2009 -- AutoPartsGOGO.com, a leading online aftermarket automotive parts store, has introduced a unique browsing system that allows car novices and experts search for car parts quick and easily.

Most of previous online auto parts shopping sites are hard to browse and navigate to locate desired brands with reasonable pricing unless users are experienced like retailers or wholesalers.

That's why AutoPartsGOGO.com has been developing an easy browsing system for more than a year. The innovative search system allows for car enthusiast to search exclusively for "Premium" parts, the budget conscious to search for “Economy” parts, and any one to search for "Popular" parts. This allows even the most novice automotive user to easily search and find exactly what they are looking for.

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John Stewart

New Pressure Washers from Daimer Industries® with Wet-Sandblasting

Daimer Industries

New Super Max™ multi-mode sandblasting machines also offer heated cleaning for other applications.

Woburn, MA (PRWEB) August 17, 2009 -- Daimer Industries, Inc.®, a major supplier and worldwide exporter of commercial cleaning products, introduced two industrial pressure washers featuring wet sandblasting systems, the Super Max™ 12500 GE WS and 12500 PE WS. The new tri-mode, fuel-powered power washers can use cold-water for wet sandblasting situations and hot-water or steam for other applications

"These new commercial pressure washers are fuel-powered so they offer not only top performance, but maximum mobility," said Matthew Baratta, Daimer.com spokesman. "The machines are ideal for removing rust, corrosion and the toughest deposits, plus that offer heated cleaning for non-sandblasting applications."

Sandblasting Technology

The wet sandblasting features bundled with these power washers consists of a flexible 15-foot sand pickup tube, sand point and a venturi head, which creates a uniform blast pattern and increases the sand's velocity. The wet sandblasting systems can be used with a variety of sand grit sizes and different media, such as baking soda and small plastic pellets.

Because these wet sandblaster systems use high pressure washer, the machines are safer than units employing compressed air, which requires the user to wear special breathing apparatus.

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John Stewart

Car Touch-Ups Easy in Tough Economic Times

Web Store's 100,000 Colors Make Car Touch-Ups Easy in Tough Economic Times - Online touch up paint company sells custom mixed touch up paint for do it yourself repairs for any original car color.

New Orleans, LA (PRWEB) March 26, 2009 -- Got nicks, chips, scratches, scrapes? Sure, every car gets them. And they're unsightly. But maybe the middle of a recession isn't the best time to be spending money on expensive body shop fixes--or even a new car.

Automotive Touch-Up, an online vendor that custom-mixes original factory colors dating back to 1935 (yes, 1935!) believes you shouldn't have to endure the occasional ding and the aggravation that goes with it. "Just do it yourself," says store director Jeremy Thurnau. "We make it easy and economical."

What he means is, Automotive Touch-Up can perfectly match more than 100,000 OEM vehicle colors using a precise computer blending system. You can order these spot-on paints in easy-to-apply pens, aerosol sprays, brush-in-cap bottles, and for larger jobs, pint and quart cans. By following simple directions, car owners can repair scratches, nicks and blemishes in a matter of minutes. Having the exact color is key maintains Thurnau, as it can make those irksome imperfections virtually disappear, leaving your car's finish looking like new. Primers, clear coats and body repair products are also available on the website at AutomotiveTouchUp.com

To find their car's paint color, visitors can search the site's extensive color database by year, make and model. There's also a section that shows you where to locate the paint code on the car itself so you can verify that the color you order is the correct one.

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John Stewart

Your Vehicle's Oxygen Sensor

Your Vehicle's Oxygen Sensor - the Watchdog of Harmful Emissions

BROADVIEW, Ill., April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- If you are concerned about your car's carbon footprint, it's important to know that your vehicle's O2 sensor (oxygen sensor) plays a key role in sounding the alarm if excessive harmful exhaust emissions are coming out the tailpipe.

"A properly functioning O2 sensor plays the role of a watchdog when it comes to monitoring your car's exhaust emissions, especially hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide," said Warren Suter, Director, Engine Management Systems for Bosch, which developed the automotive oxygen sensor in 1976. Bosch is the world's largest supplier of automotive parts and systems. www.boschautoparts.com.

The O2 sensor measures the oxygen in the exhaust and signals the engine's computer to adjust the air-fuel ratio to ensure that combustion is as complete as possible. This continuous process optimizes engine performance and fuel efficiency and reduces harmful emissions. A vehicle, depending on the make, model and year, can have between one and four O2 sensors at various locations in the exhaust stream.

If an O2 sensor is worn out and fails to assess the air-fuel ratio accurately, the engine's computer tries to accommodate the perceived variation and, in the process, may adjust the mixture to be too lean or too rich. The result? Harmful tailpipe emissions and possible damage to the catalytic converter and other engine components.

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John Stewart

Cheap Trick: Improved stopping power

My desire has been to retain my jeep as close as possible to stock to ensure that I can always find the necessary repair parts without excessive time delays.  My jeep in many respects is far from stock as it does sit on 35-inch tires.  With the shift to bigger tires, stopping ability was a noted downside.

Not ready for the expense of a Vanco brake up-grade, I opted to start with new brake pads by installing the ones used by racers: EBC Brakes.

The EBC brake pads are ceramic/kevlar fiber material and a direct replacement for the stock brake pads.  EBC provides brake pads that will fit a wide range of applications.  For my Wrangler, I opted for the Series 4000 (Yellow Stuff) pads as they are advertised as being the “...most grippy pad formulation”.  While designed for closed circuit racing, the pads can be used on highway.

After about 500 miles of use, I can say that stopping ability has been improved and the cost was reasonable.
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