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John Stewart

Simple Cleaning

Simple Green comes in two formulations - the green all-purpose cleaner and the purple heavy-duty cleaner.

I use the purple heavy duty full strength in my parts washer. It removes dirt and grease buildup simple and easy.  I keep a spray bottle handy for cleaning around nuts and bolts prior to trying to loosen them and cleaning the hard to reach corners.

I find Simple Green does better as a powder and copper solvent for cleaning guns than the old standby Hoppes #9.

Non-toxic, bio-degradable, and multi-purpose. A great economical cleaning agent to have around the shop...

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John Stewart

Born again, new life for old grill

BBQ Stand to Chopsaw StandThe old grill had seen better days.  Weather and rust had taken it toll on the cast iron body.  But, before heading to scrape pile of history, there was life left in the stand.  The frame was sound.  There were wood platforms on each side.  One end had wheels.  It was the perfect base for my chop saw stand.

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John Stewart

What's in your flashlight?

Streamlight Flashlight

What's in your flashlight?

Peering under the hood, I reached for the flashlight just to illuminate a corner hidden in the shadows. While it was daylight, it was dark under the hood and something was dripping.

The first flashlight I grabbed was the standard two D-Cell light that barely produced enough light to see in darkness let alone brighten the dark corner under the hood in broad daylight.  Next, the big bulky four D-Cell Maglite was brought into play.  Finally, enough light to pin point the fluid leak was from the windshield washer bottle.

Have you ever tried to maneuver the long-body Maglite in tight corners?  Have you ever desired a bright light in a shorter body flashlight?  And, ever get tired of replacing batteries?  Or, had trouble keeping replacement batteries handy?

My search for a bright light flashlight with a short body (and rechargeable) turned up a promising product from Streamlight, the Stinger XT.  The Stinger XT features a Xenon bulb powered by a Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable battery pack.  The machined aluminum body is 7.7 inches long and weights just over 11 ounces.

Two mounting adapters are included with the Stinger and two interchangeable power cords; 12DC cord with cigarette lighter plug and a 120VAC cord with wall transformer.  The Stinger is designed to be left on continuous charging.

The design of the mounting adapter allows in to be placed with almost zero clearance for inserting a removing the flashlight.  This allows easy mounting in the cab of a 4x4 where the flashlight is in always within reach.

The Streamlight provides excellent light in a compact package with several mounting options.  While expensive, Streamlight lights do have a reputation for durability as the flashlight of choice for many police and fire departments.

Fore more information, visit their web site at:  www.streamlight.com


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John Stewart

Patented Corrosion Prevention Coating Now Available On The Web

Van Nay has developed a major breakthrough in Corrosion Prevention with a product called ECK®. ECK® (Electrolysis, Corrosion, Kontrol) is the only patented product proven to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion. Some of the world's largest manufacturers use ECK® in their production process to prevent corrosion between aluminum & steel. To help protect your investments simply: brush, dip, spray or squeeze on ECK® during assembly.

South Elgin, IL (PRWEB) August 8, 2008 -- The corrosion coating that world class truck trailer and bus manufacturers have been applying to prevent corrosion is now available to the world. ECK® (Electrolysis, Corrosion, Kontrol) a patented corrosion coating was invented to prevent corrosion of dissimilar metals when applied to stainless steel hardware. "Our coating is used by some the largest fire truck, bus, ambulance and boat manufacturers in the United States, Mexico and Canada," said Richard Nay Sr., President of this 10-year-old company. "The magnesium chloride road ice chemicals that destroy trucks and trailers are now being prevented by our coating. Our patented product is applied by aerosol or brush preventing the natural corrosive reaction of dissimilar metals."

The United States Navy uses the product and two bridges were made in Pennsylvania also using ECK®. Is this the answer to the much publicized devastating bridge corrosion issue? "I can only tell you this, several years after the bridges were made, the inspectors concluded that ECK® prevented corrosion," said Nay.

Now those that need the corrosion prevention from electrolysis, galvanic and other forms of corrosion can obtain the coating product that has proven successful to leading industry manufacturers. "The world is full of dissimilar metal manufactured items, from vehicles to home swing sets, stainless hardware are used to assemble aluminum. Corrosion repair and replacement exceeds 350 dollars annually. Now a spray or a brush of our ECK® coating will help save money and extend the life of manufactured items."

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John Stewart

Explosion Proof Paint Spray Booth Lights Round Out OSHA Compliant Lights for Magnalight.com

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Larson electronics (Magnalight.com) is expanding their inventory of explosion proof lights to meet the needs of paint spray booth operators and others who are required to follow OSHA guidelines.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) September 2, 2008 -- Explosion proof lights go by many names, including hazardous location lights (or hazlo lights), confined space lights, class lights or intrinsically safe lights. Regardless of the term used, these lights are made from non-sparking materials and put off nominal heat. Typically, these lights are made from heavy duty materials, including heavy gauge housings, aluminum brackets and extra thick lenses. The cords associated with these lights are typically SOOW rated and are resistant to chemicals, abrasives and water.

Finally, the plugs may be rated for explosion proof environments as well, although most operators will connect their lights to the power source outside the hazardous location area. Operators in the petrochemical industry, oilfields, manufacturing plants, ship yards, paint spray booths, grain storage areas and fuel tanks seek out explosion proof lights in order to meet OSHA specifications and protect their employees from potential explosions related to the ignition of flammable vapors and/or dust particles.

Magnalight.com recently added more items to its explosion proof lights range, including handheld fluorescent lights, surface mounted fluorescent lights for paint spray booths, handheld HID lights for inspecting tanks and vessels and explosion proof headlights for hands free operation. Combined with it's existing range of quad pod mount and cart mount explosion proof light fixtures, like the 23-7/8 diameter, 400 watt metal halide, tank cleaning cart light, Larson Electronics' online presence is rapidly becoming a one stop shop of the manufacturers, environmental companies, oilfield, paint spray booths and oil rig operators around the world.

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