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The OutdoorWire family websites feature news and information affecting outdoor recreation opportunities and access to public lands. 

Advocating access to public lands carries a responsibility to be part of the solution for managing the public lands.  As a strong proponent for participation to make a difference, I am a full time advocate for recreation and the Managing Editor of the OutdoorWire family websites. is dedicated to four wheel drive recreation...

Advocating access to public lands carries a responsibility to be part of the solution for managing the public lands.  As a strong proponent for participation to make a difference, I am a full time advocate for recreation and the Managing Editor of the OutdoorWire family websites. is dedicated to four wheel drive recreation featuring technical articles and information to promote, protect, and provide outdoor recreation opportunities. focuses on California issues. is focused on environmental, administrative and legislative news and information. is Access and Landuse Central with an overall index to the contents of the family of websites. 

John Stewart

4x4Wire Environmental Position

The OutdoorWire, Inc ( supports environmentally responsible off-highway and trail related recreational activities.

Collectively, we are a group of people who seek to experience the beauty and majesty of the backcountry and enjoy the clean air, clean water, and clean earth. Continuing to be able to do this requires preservation through stewardship, caregiving and a realistic understanding of the environment.


4x4Wire fully supports responsible off-highway trail use with minimal impact and encourages all off-roaders and trail users to learn what responsible use is.

4x4Wire encourages all outdoor recreation enthusists to support responsible environmental and conservation efforts in their local area and while on the trail. We also encourage all off-roaders and trail users to report irresponsible or illegal activities to the authorities. Working together will protect our backcountry from those who choose to abuse it, and those who would use their own bias and misperceptions of our activities to prevent anybody from being able to reasonably enjoy these magnificent areas.


4x4Wire believes that responsible off-highway recreation and trail use does not cause significantly more irreparable harm to non-sensitive areas than any other human activity does. As such, we believe that there should be provisions allowing for both continued and expanded reasonable access to non-sensitive areas by people enjoying both non-motorized and motorized off-road activities.

We believe that select sensitive wilderness areas should be preserved in their natural and pristine state and those areas should be allowed to exist without any human interference (motorized or otherwise). We also believe that by keeping as many well-defined trail areas open as possible and providing for the needs of off-highway and outdoor recreation that illegal and possibly destructive access will be reduced.

The 4x4Wire deplores the "us vs. them" mentality that may cause groups who prefer different modes of outdoor recreation to discriminate or campaign against the rights of others to also access and enjoy the back country.


For most people with physical limitations, the disabled and the elderly and for many families with young children, assisted trail use or motorized off-highway recreation provides the only way that they can access and enjoy the more remote areas in the backcountry. The 4x4Wire believes that all people have the right to enjoy access to public lands, and to enjoy that access without regard for their ability to hike up mountains or traverse deserts and other rugged terrain by foot.


4x4Wire fully supports and encourages responsible environmental and conservation education. The 4x4Wire believes that all backcountry recreationalists, whether accessing the trail through mechanized vehicles, using animal power or on foot, need to be educated on the proper care of the environment and on all important environmental issues in the areas that they are using. The 4x4Wire advocates the development of education and training programs for all trail users for these issues.


The 4x4Wire supports the development of cleaner burning engines and alternative technologies for power sources that will minimize air quality impacts.

We support the development of all technologies that provide for operation of mechanized vehicles with less environmental impact.

4x4Wire supports the use actual of tail-pipe emission based vehicle emission regulation as opposed to bureaucratic based red tape regulations that make little sense.

We advocate that the government's environmental policies & regulations be based on sound scientific research and not on poor research, unsubstantiated claims, personal opinion, bias, or personal belief.


Many land use, public access, or off highway recreation organizations have aligned themselves with industrial land use advocates, such as resource extraction or livestock grazing, to fight land closures because of monetary issues. The 4x4Wire does not take a position, for or against, support of these other land use issues. We encourage that these activities be done in an environmentally safe and responsible manner and we deplore any unnecessary damage to the environment. We are an outdoor recreation organization and these are not outdoor recreation issues.


4x4Wire deplores the actions any person or organization which espouses eco-terrorism, vandalism and/or any activity which could cause people who are engaged in legal and responsible activities serious injury or even death. We encourage any person with knowledge of such terroristic activities to report them to the authorities.


We encourage anybody who wishes to support any sort of environmental organization to do very careful research and make sure that the activities that the organization in question supports are both legal and are compatible with your personal views. Look deeply into the dogma and leadership of any organization, examine their goals and aims carefully. Don't be guilty of sending in a check that ultimately could contribute to someone's death or injury just because the person that asks for it tells you they want to save the environment. Make sure that the organization in question does not advocate unreasonable restrictions on your ability to enjoy the outdoors.

The final word is that we need to take care of the great outdoors so we can all enjoy it. Use it; but, do not abuse it.

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John Stewart

Photograph Submission to 4x4Wire

The OutdoorWire, Inc (4x4Wire) welcomes the submission of your material for display in our family of publications. There are some submission guidelines which apply to all of the OutdoorWire publications and, in addition, each gallery section may have its own submission guidelines and requirements specific to the needs of that gallery. Please read all of the guidelines and requirements carefully (especially the legal stuff) before making a submission.

Trail Shots & Tough Spots Galleries:

* Be sure that you read and understand the general submission guidelines below.
* All photographs should be action oriented trail photographs of high quality and suitable for publication.
* In general we will decline to publish photographs which knowingly depict illegal actions, or actions promoting inherently environmentally damaging activities.
* Material is published solely at the discreption of the editors of OutdoorWire as information and news, and as information and news, we do not necessarily endorse or encourage any of the activities that may be depicted in the images (in other words - "kids, don't try this at home").
* Submit material via e-mail to: [email protected] .

Scenic Photography
We welcome your submission of scenic outdoor photography in our Destinations Section.
.Specific Guidelines for the Destinations Gallery:

* Be sure that you read and understand the general submission guidelines below.
* In general, as a scenic photography gallery, the Destinations section of OutdoorWire requires higher quality photographs than other gallery sections.
* All photographs should be 800x600 pixels or larger and uncompressed.
* All photographs must include the name of the photographer and contact information for the submittor
* Professional photographers may submit material and have a link to their website or contact information listed.
* Submit material via e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

General Submission Guidelines for OutdoorWire:

* All photographs or pictures should be submitted in electronic format. The preferred format for photographs is .JPG (or .JPEG), saved at high quality with no compression - the use of any other format will cause delays in the processing of your submission and may be cause for us not to publish your submission. Other much less desirable but acceptable formats are .GIF, .BMP & .TIF (.TIFF). If you do not have access to a personal scanner, many places that make copies or process photographs can scan your photographs for you.
* In general all photographs should be at least 640x480 (or 480x640) pixels or larger in size (if possible), however the file size for each photograph submitted should not exceed 1 MB (1000kb).
* Submissions should be made via E-mail to the indicated e-mail address for the gallery (some galleries may also provide forms for this).
* The files should be included in the E-mail as attachments.
* Do NOT "zip" or otherwise compress, package, or encode your submissions. If you are submitting from an AOL account, please submit one file at a time to avoid the automatic "zip" by AOL's mailer.
* All photographs should include the date the photograph was taken, the location the photograph was taken, details on the subject of the photograph and the phone number and address of the submittor (for our internal use only).
* All photographs must include the photographer's name and a valid e-mail address.
* OutdoorWire will display a photographers credit either in the caption of the photograph or in the HTML "alt tag" of the photograph unless you request that OutdoorWire not do this. This credit typically only includes the photographer's, or in the case of commercial submissions, the company name.

Legal Requirements & Disclaimers
* By submitting your material to the OutdoorWire, Inc and/or any of its family of publications including, but not limited to,,,, you grant OutdoorWire a non-exclusive license to display that material in any of our publications and in any collateral or promotional publications for a period of not less than 5 years without specific financial compensation.
* By submitting any material to OutdoorWire you guarantee and warrant to OutdoorWire that you are the original author of the material, own the material and/or the copyrights in the material and/or possess sufficient rights in the material to grant OutdoorWire the above license.
* By submitting your material to OutdoorWire you guarantee and warrant to OutdoorWire that the material does not contain false and/or defamatory content.
* By submitting any material you agree to defend and hold harmless OutdoorWire in any action arising from our display of any such material that you submit.
* You grant to OutdoorWire the right to edit and/or modify your material in any manner necessary in order to have the material comply with our formatting or publication needs including the generation of cropped or thumbnail images.
* OutdoorWire does not guarantee, warrant, or imply in any manner that any material submitted will be displayed or published in any of our publications or the term or duration that any material may be displayed or published.
* In general submissions are not returned to the submitter.
* If you do not agree with all of these legal terms, please do not submit your material. You may also contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more specific information, or to negotiate special terms for specific submissions.

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John Stewart



Lots of tonneau covers can be locked to secure your stowed items—but what good is that if the thief can still open your tailgate? The PowerGate from Pace Edwards offers a convenient and very effective solution to this problem. Easily installed inside the tailgate using Pace Edwards’ plug-and-go wiring harness, the PowerGate locks your tailgate electronically every time you lock the vehicle’s doors using the original remote key fob. Made in the USA, the PowerGate includes a stainless steel backing plate and slide bolt with a nylon guide block for smooth operation. For vehicles without power door locks, Pace Edwards also offers an optional switch kit. The PowerGate is the perfect compliment to any Pace Edwards retractable truck bed cover. Pace Edwards, (888) 640 5902;


Pace Edwards has been the industry leader in premium retractable truck bed covers for more than 20 years. Located in Centralia, Washington, Pace Edwards covers are known for their innovative designs, quality construction and true functionality. Part of the Truck Accessories Group, Pace Edwards is a SEMA and NTEA member and proudly manufactures its products in the U.S.A.

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John Stewart



Make room for up to 33 x 12.5-inch tires the easy way—with a two-inch leveling system from Revtek Suspension. Featuring rugged plated steel and cast-aluminum spacers, this system is designed for easy bolt-in installation with no cutting or welding necessary and works within the stock suspension geometry. Designed for use on 2WD/4WD GM trucks and SUVs, P/N 315 fits ’07-’08 Avalanche; Tahoe/Yukon/Yukon XL/Suburban/Suburban XL; Denali/Denali XL; Cadillac Escalade/Escalade ESV/EXT; Silverado/Sierra 1500. This Revtek system comes complete with all necessary hardware and instructions, and is the easiest, most economical way to level a GM truck or SUV. Revtek Suspension; 877 LEVELING TOY;


Based in Portland Oregon, Revtek Suspension prides itself in producing “real world” engineered suspension systems and components for Dodge, Ford, GM Jeep, Nissan and Toyota trucks/SUVs. Revtek systems are designed and tested in-house, resulting in the most installer-friendly, best-riding kits on the market.

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John Stewart



Transfer Flow, Inc. has introduced mid-ship replacement fuel tanks for the 2007-2008 Dodge 4500/5500 chassis cab and 2008 Sterling Bullet CONV45/55 chassis cab trucks. Designed to fit 84”, 108” and 120” cab-axle models, Transfer Flow’s 48-gallon fuel tank will also fit Jerr-Dan carrier bodies with 108” and 120” cab-axle lengths. A 40-gallon tank is also available for chassis cab models with a 60” cab-axle length. These mid-ship tanks replace either the stock or aft-axle fuel tank, and are manufactured from 12 and 14-gauge aluminized steel for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. Fully baffled to prevent fuel slosh, these Transfer Flow replacement tanks are powder coated black and come with all hardware necessary for installation. Transfer Flow, Inc. (800) 442 0056;


Founded in 1983, Transfer Flow is the leader in auxiliary fuel systems and components for the automotive and RV markets. Designed for both aftermarket and OEM applications, Transfer Flow products are made in the USA and meet the rigid requirements of the California Air Resources Board and the Department of Transportation. Transfer Flow is a member of RVIA, SAE, and SEMA.

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